Who we are

Kauniston Koneistamo Oy is a provider of custom engineering, specialised in machining of small and medium series. With operations in Turku, we have been in business continuously since 1977 and currently employ more than ten machining professionals. The strength of our light organisation structure is in flexible and reliable supply as well as in quality awareness without compromise. All our operations are compliant with a quality system that meets the requirements of standard SFS-EN ISO 9001:2008.

custom engineering

Our services

In addition to “regular” steel, we can machine almost any shapable material for you, including various plastics, tool steel, titanium, aluminium and copper alloys as well as brass. Our specialty, however, is stainless steel machining.

Through our co-operation network, we are able to provide you with not only machining, but welding, cutting, edging as well as surface and heat treatment.

A 5-axis machining centre with a pivoting spindle head enables the accurate machining of 3D surfaces.

Also, axially symmetrical parts are milled and drilled using our lathe with rotating tool as necessary. To every extent possible, electronic 2D/3D models obtained from you are utilised when programming the toolpath. In this way, we can ensure that the final result will be of the highest quality.

2D/3D model

Plant and equipment

Our Multi-Tasking machine:

  • Machining diameter: max. 658 mm
  • Machining lenght: max. 1500 mm
  • Bar work capasity: max. 66 mm
  • Counter Spindle
  • 5-axis machining
  • Work piece 3D measurement system

Our CNC lathes:

  • Machining diameter: more than 700 mm
  • Length: 2,500 mm
  • Rotating tools
  • Counter spindle
  • Auto bar feeder

Our CNC machining centres:

  • X-axis (horizontal): 2,600 mm
  • Y-axis (transversal horizontal): 700 mm
  • Z-axis (vertical): 700 mm
  • 5-axis machining
  • Work piece 3D measurement system

Our CMM:

  • Ø500 mm, X=400 mm, Y=400 mm, Z=270 mm


Kaviokuja 10, FI-20380 Turku, Finland
Tel. +358 2 255 0555

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